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More about Royal Exclusiv®

Royal Exclusiv® is a German manufactory, specialized in the production of exclusive and high-quality complete filter-systems, pumps and skimmers for salt-water use, for example sea-water aquariums. The company was founded in Cologne in 1986, where it is still located with its headquartered.



The owner of  Royal Exclusiv®, Klaus Jansen, is a master carpenter and has more than 30 years of professional experience in wood, metal and in particular plastic processing.

Royal Exclusiv® specialises in the production of exclusive pumps, skimmers and filter-systems for salt-water use.

In addition to the special products for aquaria and salt water tanks of considerable sizes that were produced in the last few years, the main focus is on the production and optimisation of pumps and skimmers. The highly efficient Red Dragon® 4 (RD4) pumps have been developed not only for use in aquaria, but also as pumps for public swimming pools, pools, whirlpools, etc. They can be con­trol­led through a network (also by iPhone/iPad/Android) via RJ45 connection, enabling the pump to be adjusted to the respective area of use. The market has been waiting a long time for the
Red Dragon® 3 ’Speedy’ product. This submersible pump with its brushless technology is one of the most silent devices of its kind on the market. The speed-controllable direct current pump has
an external controller that can be used to set the required speed accurately, thus contributing to energy savings.


All new developments are tested thoroughly in the in-house test and inspection lab prior to serial production. Low power consumption and minimum noise emission are just two of the strict quality demands that must be met.
The long service life of the pumps in salt-water requires a careful selection of materials and suppliers. This is an advantage the competitors within this very special market do not share.
Of course there are low-price products on the market, but the long service life of the Royal Exclusiv established premium products pays off and satisfies even the most demanding users.
Royal Exclusiv® means worldwide premium quality 100% "Made in Germany".



Long term availability and the possibility of ordering spare parts is another benefit of
Royal Exclusiv®. Take advantage of our "Know How". Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us here..



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