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Dreambox filter sytems accessories

Dreambox filter accessories
Dreambox dosing tube 6 mm tube/pipe
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 13,44 EUR
Dreambox pipe holder 10mm
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
45,08 EUR
Dreambox pipe holder 25mm
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
50,73 EUR
Foam insert for degassing Chamber
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 6,17 EUR
titan knurled-head screw
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
19,22 EUR
plastic screw 6 x 12 mm
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
0,64 EUR
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 30,23 EUR
LED-lighting complete with assembly
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 60,45 EUR
LED-lighting single
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 37,49 EUR
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Dreambox - filter - systems - accessories
Nano Dreambox, Dreambox,
XL-Dreambox, XXL-Dreambox,
Float switches, level sensors,
cable guiding, filter socks etc.

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